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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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movie by going to movie on [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks"." special two-hour show for you guys. you've all heard by now about hurricane sandy. >> we've been pounded for 40 continuous hours with the wind, the rain, and of course the wave. we were knocked down by a rogue wave. that's why we moved up here. >> cenk: tonight we'll talk about the political ramifications of the storm including mitt romney's views on fema. >> we cannot, we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. it's immoral in my view. >> cenk: immoral to fund fema? it might be the opposite. that's stunning. we'll have more on that in just a little bit for you guys. another huge line by mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> romney: now owned by the
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italians are thinking of moving all production to china. i will fight for every good job in america. >> cenk: just not true. lies, lies lies. all right, we've got all that and so much more for you tonight. it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> sandy has the campaign scrambling. >> we're keeping an eye on the ocean back here. >> obama: our number one priority is making sure that we're saving lives. >> debris is coming down, and now we're watching a partial collapse. >> and a lot of people are enduring very difficult times. >> water levels rising suddenly. >> very clear on what you're supposed to do. >> this is not a time to be stupid. >> we picked up the--
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>> obama: fema personnel working with government. >> more droughts, more of this. >> you can't have fema for every state. >> pushing record storm surge. >> the governor ordered all of businesses in and around this area to be shut down. >> we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down. >> today it is extremely dangerous and. >> cenk: already, we're going to talk about alfas sets of hurricane sandy and that storm hitting the east coast of the united states now. it is shutting everything down in new york today including other cities including wall street. it has done that tomorrow. subways, stock market, all closed. so now we're going to discuss whether this has something to do with climate change, which unfortunately you won't see with
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a lot of outlets. we'll talk about the politics of it in just a minute. first, as i tell you about how the media is not focusing on climate change, it's amazing because they're literally getting battered by the storm and still not recognizing it. here is a collection of media reports on hurricane sandy. >> obama: ref pre-positioned assets where local personnel is working with state governments and we we have resources available for those communities hardest hit. i'm grateful for the cooperation of our state and local officials. conversations at this point there are no unmet needs. i think everyone is taking this very seriously. >> cenk: that was not a compilation of weather reports. we'll have that late for you in the show. that's president obama respond together disaster. being president, he's in charge.
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this is a very important moment. i don't know if you know this but we're very close to an election eight days away. how he handles this might be enormously important to how you vote in november. that's the president talking about the importance of fema. when you talk to mitt romney, if he talks like he did during the primaries, he told you he's not interested in fema. >> therefema is running out of money and some are saying maybe we are learning what the state's role should you. >> when you take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. to go even further and send it to the private sector, that's even better. >> cenk: private sector? so you want to profit off this? mitt romney's obsessed, man. the only thing the guy ever thinks about is money. he sees a storm and doesn't think how am i going to protect
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america. no, it's how am i going to make a buck of this. this is not the time to privatize. that's like privatizing the police or fire department. oh i'm going to request those people in that storm depending if i make an extra dollar out of it or not. that's a horrible idea. people on the east coast are living through what serious storm we could have, and could you imagine if mitt romney was in charge? well, it depends you might get rescued if there is an extra buck in it for us. and remember how republicans handled disaster. this is the legendary reaction that president bush with his director of fema at the time, browning. >> there will be plenty of opportunities to help later on, but right now the immediate concern is to save lives and get food and medicine to people so we can stabilize the situation. again, i want to thank you all browning you're doing heck of a job, fema director is working
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24-- [applause] >> cenk: you know what, even brownie said afterwards, the main problem was president bush failed to recognize the magnitude of the storm and did not take precautionary action. that's the problem with the republicans. they don't believe in the government. they don't believe in it. why in the world would we put them in charge of it. look at what romney said, after all the problems under the last republican president under fema, i don't know, why don't we privatize it and make money off it ha, ha, ha. not interested. right before the election he said he's very sympathetic and cares a lot about the storm. quote, out of sensitivity for the millions of americans in the path of hurricane sandy we're canceling tonight's events with governor romney in wisconsin and also canceling all events currently scheduled for both governor romney and congressman ryan on tuesday. governor romney believes this is a time for the nation's leaders
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to focus on those americans who are in harm's way. we will provide additional details with regarding governor romney's schedule when they are available. he also added my campaign will be run by the big oil companies. if i'm president you can expect a lot more of these kinds of storms over the next four years because i don't give a dam about climate change and the storms they produce. oh that was not part of the official statement. okay. and then of course leave it to fox news to say if romney's canceling events. that's fine. what a gentleman he is. what a terrific human being. if president obama is canceling events disarray. >> the president left for orlando. nothing has changed that much. does it show disarray or discontent within the obama election campaign where he comes down doesn't do anything, and then flies back. >> the president can be unpredictable. a lot of reason why they brought
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the president back was they didn't know how bad the weather would be in washington. >> it's the image of him campaigning on the day of the hurricane. >> he can't do that. >> cenk: no, no, you know, obama, he doesn't know what is going on. [ chuckling ] coincidentally on fox news. in 2013 the request for the fema budget is a little over $13.5 billion. you need that, obviously because we're getting more and more severe storms every year, including hurricane sandy that is hitting us now. better be prepared as we learned from hurricane katrina. not if you listen to the ryan-romney budget. we give them every benefit of the doubt on discretionary spending for the government. they don't specify, of course, because they're cowards. they don't say i'm going to cut this program this program this program. let's assume they do not cut fema any more than they would
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cut any other program. what would the fema budget under the ryan plan? well, it would be about $3.9 billion. let me did oh some quick math for you guys. that is $10 billion less from $13.5 billion to $4 billion. well, ryan is an extremist. that's not fair to look at his. let's look at romney's budget proposals stretching through 2015. what would he cut it down to? less $1.8 billion. it's even worse than ryan's budget. so if you are interested in getting a proper response through fema to these storms apparently you're not going to get one if ryan and romney get their wishes and desires and cut the hell out of our budget. this is a good time to be doing that. is that a smart move? and under their watch by the way, of course as i said the oil companies pretty much announced
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romney had a meeting with the oil companies and then came out and said my plan is basically the oil company plan, which is to do nothing about climate change. it's really gross. let's bring in michael shure our political correspondent. michael, we mostly of course care about what is happening today. we want to make sure that the people in new york are safe. i have friends and family who live--what is projected to be the hardest place hit place in new jersey. it's the same as gun control. don't bring politics into it, it's too soon. no it's too late. >> politics happen at the same time that life happens. libya happened, and you wonder what people do. this gives the president a chance to show what he would do in this occasion, and it gives us a chance to look at what mitt romney would do were he in charge of the country or in charge of fema. in politics, you cannot separate
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politics because it's convenient or unseemly. there is a bad storm coming, and there is a presidential election. you pay attention to how each of these people do it. it's almost a gift. >> cenk: now as you look at that to me when i'm looking at the actually, facts i'm stunned that these guys are at a 50-50 point. one of the polls take an one-point lead, but they're just neck and neck in all the polls on the national level. i mean, are the democrats in some ways too timid in taking--in saying, hey minute, these guys will cut the living hell out of fema. he said to privatize it. >> it was house republicans who stood in the way of extended more funds to fema. they said without cuts we're not going to extend more funds to fema. then through see questions trace, another $800 million is going to come out of fema's budget.
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that's bad. >> cenk: one last question question{^l"^^}. if anything goes wrong president obama gets hurt because he was in charge? >> i don't think you can blame an act of god, a storm weather on the president. i don't think people blame george bush for katrina. they blame him for what happened after katrina. i think it's impossible to say and a fool's errand to say how this could be good for the president? how could this be good for romney? this storm is bad and how he handles it is how he'll handle it. >> cenk: the answer is policy. do we have the right policy in place or don't we. is it climate change or having enough for fema. we co going to climb change. it is causing more and more severe storms? stay with us. >> this is the blizzard of 2011. it is a giant.
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>> columbia, south carolina, and nashville, tennessee. both hit 109 their hottest ever. >> cenk: later in the program i'm going to tell you who the elbow is on, the tea party leaders, but who among them is going to lose this election? that's a great list. we'll share that with you later in the program. [ ♪ music ♪ ] (vo) brought to you by metlife. stay tuned for the answer.
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14th and 8th in new york where the disasters have gun unfortunately, as the storm picks up in intensity. why is it picking up in intensity? well we believe not we as in "the young turks," but we as the scientists of the world believe if you have climate change you will get more severe storms. here we have a giant unprecedented storm that combines many different fronts into one, that is larger than anything that the atlantic coast has seen. let me give you quotes from scientists. here is the capital weather gang. the largest hurricane in atlantic history measured by diameter of gale force winds. another scientist said, i cannot recall ever seeing model forecasts of such an expansive areal wind field with values so high to sore long a time. we are breaking new ground here. and then go to a scientist from
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ohio state university lonnie thompson. they claimed virtually all of us climatologists are now convinceed that global warming pose as clear and present danger to civilcivilization. how do you like that? i don't like it at all. i have friends and family in new york new jersey, washington and i know many of you do. many of you live there. this is what happens when you ignore 98% of the scientists in the world. we get incredible storms like this. it is not a coincidence. the droughts earlier in the year were not a coincidence. the record number of temperatures we broke was not a coincidence. one weather event doesn't mean anything. a combination of all these weather events is a clear sign that we're in the middle of climate change. we'll go to dr. reese halter,
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author of "the incomparable honeybee." thank you, we appreciate it. >> hey, cenk. >> cenk: talk to me why climate change whether it's the arctic ice melting or the ocean being warmer, you tell me why this would lead to more storms such as this. >> get this, hurricane sandy is the equivalent of 500,000 atom bombs going off. it's sucking warm energy off the gulfstream and coming onshore. it's the widest, as you alluded to at the top-- top, it's the widest hurricane we've seen. hurricane irene came last august. she came knocking on the door and no one was listening. hurricane sandy is in the house and neither presidential candidate can walk away from what is happening. we've got to begin to plan for
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what's ahead. the reaction is that it's over. milk is spilt. the climate is changing rapidly. we've got a super storm that is right in front of us. we've got the hurricane coming in off the atlantic. it's met up with a nor'easter, and then to flow this thing into epic proportion, we're missing 1.35 million square miles of ice in the arctic. so all the heat in the arctic ocean is thrown up into the atmosphere and the jet stream, as it loops south as far south as well into this hurricane and we've got ourselves a super storm. hello. it's time to get into it. >> cenk: dr. halter, let me read you a quote from rutgers situation. she writes, the situation is consistent with what i would
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expect to see more often as a result of unabated warming especially the amplification of the warming in the arctic. you just mentioned that as well. i want the audience to understand that as well. why are those two things related. the ice melting in the arctic and what is happening now. >> the arctic ocean is two degrees warmer. now that warm air is being thrown up in the atmosphere. the jet stream which is usually a polar jet stream hangs way far north. since there is so much energy it is now blobbing way far south. it ruined the u.k. summer and the olympics, and their food production and also it's really important, the spin machine three weeks ago released some flummery that said the east
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antarctic is adding so much ice there is no problem. balls! our team down in tazmania the preeminent lab for the antarctic clearly shows that the west antarctic is melting at 180 million tons of ice a day. that's 500 million tons of ice. what does that all mean? let's put it in human perspective. the largest living animal right now is the blue whale 125 tons. 11.5 million blue whales are melting every day. it's throwing the ocean currents into a tizzy. we haven't ever seen this. it nullified, it stopped the el niño, which started in june, and that's why cenk, we've got
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these late-season hurricanes. that's part of the warming of the earth. these august machines are now happening in november, and they're happening farther north. this is a disaster, man. >> cenk: literally. thank you, dr. halter, we appreciate it, and thank you for the quote of the week. i think you know what i'm talking about. thank you so much. and look we're going to continue to talk about climate change. do you think i'm mad now? you've seen flashes of me getting angry about climate change? wait until you see what is coming up later in the program. you ain't seen nothing yet. now when we come back, mitt romney on another topic said oh, i was brilliant in recess stating the olympics. we've got rocky anderson, third party candidate out here to straighten him out. he was in utah at the time, we also have the numbers. turns out shockingly he was full of it. >> america's winter flip olympics
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♪ ve picture of new jersey as sandy is about to make landfall.
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by the way in the next hour we'll discuss whether this is getting more attention because it's hitting new york and dc as posed to louisiana where in dc and new york we might have some power centers. now, on to more campaign lies by mitt romney. mitt romney is running this outrageous ad in ohio today. >> who will do more for the auto industry not barack obama. fact checkers confirm that his attacks on mitt romney are false. mitt romney plans to help the auto industry. he's supported by lee iacca mitt romney will fight for every american job. >> i'm mitt romney, and i approve this mention. >> cenk: of course you did you're a goddamn liar, and you approve nonsense like that all the time.
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how many jeeps are produced in china--none. how muchhow many in the u.s.? half a million. and lee iaccoa supporting you a filthy rich guy supporting romney, i didn't see that coming. how about jeep itself. quote, let's set the record straight: jeep has no intention of shifting production of its jeep models out of north america to china. if that's not clear enough, we'll bring in congressman steve cohen from tennessee. he has been following this race, as we all have. i know sometimes there is a coloring of the lines and you don't always get the exact truth in the different sides of the election but this seems to be record breaking to me. am i seeing that wrong or are they taking more chances with the truth here?
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>> i don't know they've even approached truthiness. i've had it in my campaign with my republican opponent, they change position faster than a kama sutra does. i heard the ad there. it could have been worse--i expected him to say they're sell selling jeeps to nancy pelosi's relatives back in the home country who are going to make these jobs in china. that would have been normal republican tripe. >> cenk: i'm surprised they haven't said that president obama is chinese yet. it's coming around the corner. >> yes, i know. >> cenk: one more thing, you have got a lot of experience on politics here. about the timing of this act as we get closer to the election is
4:50 pm
it easier for republicans to throw outlines because who has time to fact check in the last week of the election, let's just throw everything at them. >> they're going to do that, acitizens united allows them to do that, these groups that they support, these attacks where and it's hard to respond when it's done in voluminous proportion. that's what they do, and they tell lies after lies after lies. up to tuesday they'll be very desperate, and we've got eight or nine days of desperate lies that they're going to throw out. it's ohio, and they'll say whatever they can. it's just shocking what they've said in toledo, and what they've said all over on these different issues. >> cenk: congressman cohen i also want to talk about the media aspect on this.
4:51 pm
they will say, if i'm going to say that mitt romney is not telling the truth, then i have to say that obama is not telling the truth. but do you have a sense of that? let me show a mitt romney clip on the exact same point. >> romney: i saw a store today one of the great manufacturers in this state, jeep, now owned by the italians is thinking of moving all production to china. i will fight for every good job in america. i'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair. if it's fair america will win. [ cheering ] >> cenk: i mean, he just said there, we're moving all the jeep production to china. it's not just even remotely true. is the media gun shy about saying, no no, no, those guys are lying all the time. >> i think the media has been wrong for several years. there is a book, basically saying that while people have
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said democrats and republicans both engage in tactics in washington that cause the problems that we have, that it was really the republicans. and it really was the reference. for a time i bought the earlier line being statesmanlike, both sides this and that. but:mcconnell saying our job to beat the president. and some in the congress would not accept, if they seeded a kidney transplant, they would not accept it in president obama offered it unless he gave both of them. both of these authors said it's the republicans and it's been their mantra, take back the government, not help the country. and it's really pathetic. we're going to--i think it's going to be a catastrophe if the
4:53 pm
president is not re-elected. as far as what we don't know where mitt romney stands on anything except we know mitt romney wants to be somewhere where george romney never got. this is a classic psychiatrist who talk about his reasons for running. i think it's more terms of analysis and living up to his father's expectations, and trying to achieve something that his father didn't certainly than it is for political philosophy was he was for obama-care when it was romney care. he was pro-choice. he was tolerant on human rights type issues. then he changed, and then he changed again. >> cenk: that's not the only way he reminds me of bush. he was on third base and thought he hit a triple, and the list goes on and on. their policies are identical but his ideas are even more right wing. thank you for joining us on "the young turks"." steve cohen from tennessee. now when we come back we've got
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a couple of things for you. we have a whole second hour of the "the young turks." and i'm really going to go after this issue of climate change, whether it's the republicans democrats or the media not doing a thing about it. so that's coming up. and then when we return we have the elbow of the day. i'm telling you who it's on. it's on tee party leaders. who of their leadership is going to lose their spots in the next election? that's what we're going to tell you when we come back. (vo) brought to you by citi private pass. more music, more sports, more family, more dining. get more access with a citi card.
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